4 HCA 255 1.Many argue that America needs to eliminate debt, increase economic growth

Please answer each question separately with 100 to 150 words

Topic 4 HCA 255

1.Many argue that America needs to eliminate debt, increase economic growth, improve education and reform health care. If you were the current U.S. President how would you prioritize the needs of the country? In what order would you rank these needs and why?

2.Discuss the major drivers of the rise in health care spending. How can health care be made more affordable without limiting access to necessary care?

3.According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) the cost of health care increases by approximately 4% each year, exceeding $3 trillion in 2012. What societal changes have affected the cost of health care? How has the government responded to contain and reduce health care spending? What role should government play in controlling the cost of care and ensuring health coverage?

Topic 4: HCA 255
If I would be U.S President, I would prioritize health care reform, improvement of education, increasing economic growth, and lastly, the elimination of debt. The domestic needs of the Americans that should be prioritized are health care reforms and improvement of education system. These two domestic programs will help in improving the living standards in the U.S and potentially create an opportunity for economic growth. Without improving the domestic program, it is impossible to grow the economy or eliminate the debt. The elimination of debt will be last because it is debt funding of the government operations is not bad for the economy. The U.S can be able to sustain its government operations even while operating through debt.
Some of the key drivers of the increasing level of health care spending includes the growing U.S population, aging, intensity and pricing of the health care services and products, service utilization, and disease prevalence. There are various ways, in which health care can be made affordable without restricting the access to necessary care including the protection of alternative approaches of care that lowers the cost of health care. It includes the direct primary care approach to offer more affordable health care programs. The expansion of the scope of medical practitioners would also help in reducing the shortage of health care capacity to offer better health outcomes.
Some of the societal changes that have impacted on the overall costs of health care includes the increased aging rate and unhealthy lifestyles that exposes people to health risks among others. Aging has led to the increased cost of health care due to the higher costs of taking care of elderly persons in the adult care centers. Unhealthy lifestyle has led to people investing in health care to deal with diet-related conditions such as obesity. Government has passed various health care insurance programs and invested in training of medical practitioners to help in reducing health care spending. The government should take part in a larger role in controlling of the health care costs and increasing health care coverage. Health care is an important aspect in an economy and the government should subsidize insurance programs to help in reducing the overall health care costs.